Two Storey houses, Bungalows, Split Entry homes all available.


Homes by Design is a compiling of traditional layouts with affordable materials, suited to any climate or building location. Our plans are based on the National Building Code of Canada, one of the highest standards for residential timber frame construction in the world. In making your selection from this site you will receive a package of 5 sets of blueprints containing all necessary information to construct your new home. Each set will consist of the following:

Floor Plans Detailed plans for each floor showing pertinent information and 

Foundation Plan Plan showing accurate construction dimensions for foundations,
footings, and columns.

Elevations Four elevations showing what each side of your house will look like.

Building Section Section to show the relationship between floors, grades, and stair 

Wall Section A descriptive drawing of all building materials, using National 
building Code standards of construction.

Finishes Interior finishes like painting, floor coverings, and decor are best selected in 
your local market.

Great Homes Start With Great Designs

1. Planning Your Home- The building of a new home will probably be the largest investment that you will make in your lifetime. It is essential, therefore, that you build the house that meets your needs and gives you the best value for your dollar. Planning effort must be your top priority.

2. An initial meeting with a lending institution can give you an insight into the budget you have to work with. If you are investing saved capital, a meeting with your banker or investment broker will help establish the amount of money to put into such a venture. Finally, you should investigate the area that you have decided to build your new home. The value of other houses in your new neighborhood can vastly effect the value of your property.

3. Since most home plans are designed around a budget, a review of can familiarize you with layouts. Know what you are getting from a plan before purchasing unwanted plans. While the layout of a plan may not suit your individual taste. They stimulate your imagination. The plans on this site, for example, can be easily modified to meet your needs.

4. In planning, emphasis should be placed on how you live in your environment; open areas, closed rooms, private yards, country settings and suburban living are all part of you.

5. Special Needs- Barrier free design homes, to meet any special requirements that you have.

6. Plan Selection- Walk through each plan that perks your interest and imagine yourself within its walls. Room locations are all important. Does the living room permit you to see an unwanted view of a bedroom or bathroom? Does your furniture fit? Simply ask questions.

7. Energy Efficiency reports allow you to make informed design decisions.

8. Make notes about certain things you see in a plan that would work for you. For example, bay windows, circular staircase, fireplace, roof style, and exterior finishes. If you decide to use our Custom Plan Service we will want to know a little about your lifestyle before we can assemble your plan.

Hiring A Contractor

Hiring a contractor can eliminate a lot of hard work and bookkeeping. Before signing a contract with your contractor there are basically three points to consider

1. Is the contractor financially sound, reputable, interested in your project, and carrying the appropriate insurance?

2. Can the contractor supply you with references, and let you view a recent house he has constructed?

3. Does he have so much work in progress that your project could take a back seat to some larger project? Housing contractors typically build six to twelve houses a year.

Other Services Available offers the following services upon request. Contact our offices for more information on costs for the following.

Modifications   All plans illustrated can be revised to suit the owner's personal taste. For example, if you choose a plan without a basement, a basement access stair can be added with little revision to that particular plan. Or maybe you want to add extra width to the building. Minor blueprint changes can be made by your contractor with little trouble, but be careful in moving walls ect. That could effect the structural integrity of your new home.

Material List   A comprehensive list of all building materials, lumbers, doors, gyproc etc. 

Reverse Plans   If you find a particular plan suits your needs but because of lot restrictions it would be better to reverse the plan, we will provide you
with a fully revised set for a small fee.

Custom Design Services 

If you cannot find the home you want on our site, our custom home design service is for you. We'll take your ideas and plan your home around them, starting from preliminary sketches to full working drawings.