Two Storey houses, Bungalows, Split Entry homes all available.


Most professionally produced house plans are drawn to scale to correctly represent the actual product. Plans also carry a warning, that you should not scale the drawings to determine dimensions, for good reason. Paper shrinks and expands, copying and resizing can easily render the stated scale inaccurate and on small scale plans even the thickness of a line is significant. However, if used with reasonable care and a knowledge of the potential inaccuracies, a scale rule is a very useful tool for take offs. Always check the accuracy of the scale on both the x and y axis (up and down and across the plan) by scaling a written dimension. If the written and the measured (scaled) dimensions are the same then you can proceed with reasonable confidence. Perform this check on each sheet of the set and also on each drawing on the sheet. Sometimes the plans, elevations, sections and details are drawn using a different scale so be careful. It is always best to wait until you can measure the actual space before ordering things like custom made cabinets and built-ins.