Two Storey houses, Bungalows, Split Entry homes all available.


The best heating system is the one that suits you and your lifestyle. The usual comparison is cost. In the current marketplace oil is the cheapest (per purchased unit of heat). There are many other considerations and, depending on the value placed on various advantages and disadvantages, the best fuel is a lot less clear cut. There are 2 components to every system, each component consisting of multiple parts. 1 The fuel that gets converted to heat. Electricity, oil, propane (gas), wood, sunlight, wind, geothermal. 2 The delivery system used to get the heat to the various parts of the home. Water pipes feeding radiators. Wires feeding resistance coils. Ducts feeding grills in each room. Many people make a decision based on how they feel (good) or how someone else tells them they should feel (not so good). Electric heated homes are often accused of being very dry. While this may well be a fact the reasons are not well known and are due to lack of ventilation provided by a system requiring a flue. Heat pumps, windmills and solar panels are simply another option worth reviewing. Talk to your designer/builder and get all the facts before making important decisions.